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    • N.Korea urges Trump to ignore denuclearization doubts from hardliners, media
      North Korea urged the Trump administration on Monday to ignore U.S. hardliners and media coverage casting doubt on Pyongyang’s intention to achieve denuclearization during bilateral negotiations. The message was delivered in a state media article published by Arirang-Meari, which criticized U.S. intelligence and American media outlets for creating the public opinion that the DPRK was expanding its WMD facilities and had no intention to abandon its nuclear weapons.  The article said the Trump administration should ignore such messages in order to “build the new future of peace and prosperity breaking with the 70-year past dominated by distrust and confrontation.“ “The ... read more
      Source: NK NewsPublished on 2018-07-16By [email protected]
    • 25 South Korean companies launch North Korea task-forces, research shows
      Over two dozen South Korean companies have launched dedicated task forces to research and analyze emerging business opportunities in North Korea, research by NK Pro since April shows. Despite a slew of multilateral and unilateral sanctions prohibiting the vast majority of trade with North Korea, 25 South Korean companies from a wide range of sectors – including some of the nation’s leading household names – have since January launched North Korea-focused teams. For some, the inter-Korean summit of April 27 played a catalytic role, with South Korea’s three biggest conglomerates – Samsung Securities, Lotte, and Hyundai – all taking noticeable ... read more
      Source: NK NewsPublished on 2018-07-16
    • A Conversation with Two North Korean Refugees – NKNews Podcast ep.28
      Often overlooked in the pomp and circumstance of summit diplomacy are the millions of North Koreans that have the most to gain and lose from how those negotiations play out. In this episode of the North Korea News Podcast, we sit down with two former DPRK residents to gauge what they think about the recent warming of relations between the two Koreas, the role they see themselves playing in inter-Korean relations, cultural differences, and much more. Ann originally comes from Musan, a county in central North Hamgyong province. She escaped the North 12 years ago at the age of 14. ... read more
      Source: NK NewsPublished on 2018-07-16By Christina
    • North Korea grants prisoners first pardon in three years, state media says
      North Korea will grant pardons to an unspecified number of convicted criminals from August, DPRK state-run media reported on Monday, the first such pardoning of criminals since 2015. The Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly (SPA) of the DPRK announced a decree about the issue last Thursday, on July 12, state media said. “The DPRK will grant an amnesty to those who had been convicted of the crimes against the country and people on the occasion of the 70th founding anniversary of the DPRK,” the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said. The general amnesty will take effect from August 1, with ... read more
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    • Chinese security guarantees and the future of North Korean economic reforms
      Even without launching a missile or creating a nuclear earthquake, the North Korean state certainly knows how to pull off a surprise. Wednesday’s event at the Chinese Embassy in Beijing, announced by the Chinese Foreign Ministry and the KCNA yesterday, was a case in point. The unexpected event was the celebration of the 57th anniversary of the Sino-North Korean Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation, and Mutual Assistance – a document first signed in 1961, which, like the suddenly-fragile NATO alliance, commits the signatories to aiding the other in the event of an external attack. Since the treaty played no role whatsoever ... read more
      Source: NK NewsPublished on 2018-07-16By Colin Zwirko
    • U.S.,North Korea agree to re-commence search for missing American soldiers
      Officials from the U.S. and North Korea agreed on Sunday to re-commence field operations to search for the remains of 5,300 American soldiers who did not return home from the Korean War, the U.S. State Department announced in a press release on Sunday. The announcement follows talks between the two sides, which took place on the North Korean side of Panmunjom with the U.S. indicating that further talks on the subject would commence tomorrow. “Working level meetings between U.S. and North Korean officials will begin on Monday, July 16, to ‎coordinate the next steps, including the transfer of remains already collected ... read more
      Source: NK NewsPublished on 2018-07-15By Hamish Macdonald
    • China, North Korea trade much lower in June this year than same month in 2017
      Chinese trade with North Korea was significantly lower in June this year compared with the same month in 2017, Beijing’s General Administration of Customs said on Friday at a press conference in the Chinese capital. While China is currently not releasing detailed import and export figures via its usual channels as part of its ongoing trade dispute with the U.S., Beijing gave out some overall statistics for its June trade relations with its neighbor. According to a report from the Associated Press, Chinese imports from the DPRK in June were 92.6 percent lower than a year ago, though it wasn’t clear ... read more
      Source: NK NewsPublished on 2018-07-13
    • In photos: Company list from the 21st Pyongyang Spring International Trade Fair
      The 21st Pyongyang Spring International Trade Fair took place in North Korea’s capital between May 21 to May 25 and was attended by up to 260 companies, according to state media coverage of the event. However, the brochure for the event – obtained by NK Pro – identifies a list of 169 entities that are mainly of domestic origin. NK Pro analysis of the list and footage from the event identified a number of sanctioned entities and entities of concern involved in an array of business activities. Below are images of the brochure pages, listing those entities as well as a ... read more
      Source: NK NewsPublished on 2018-07-13
    • North Korean defections to South down 17.7% in first half of 2018: MOU
      The number of North Korean defectors arriving in the ROK during the first half of 2018 fell by 17.7% compared to the same period in 2017, according to official statistics recently released by the South’s Ministry of Unification (MOU). The provisional figures, updated quarterly on the MOU website, show that from the period of January through June 2018, a total of 488 individuals from the North entered South Korea. That is compared to 593 individuals in the first six months of 2017, 749 in the same period of 2016, and 614 for the period in 2015. If the trend ... read more
      Source: NK NewsPublished on 2018-07-13By Colin Zwirko
    • Two Koreas can establish “economic community” following denuclearization: Moon
      The South Korean President on Friday said Seoul and Pyongyang will be able to move towards an “economic community” once the denuclearization of the peninsula has taken place. During his address at the annual Singapore Lecture, President Moon Jae-in said he hopes to turn South Korea into a country “that can put bold thoughts into practice” through economic cooperation with the DPRK, which he described as a “unique opportunity.” “Building on complete denuclearization and peace on the Korean peninsula, South Korea will draw up a new economic map,” Moon said. “Both Koreas will press on towards an economic community. We will ... read more
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    • North Korean media urges Seoul to push ahead with cooperation projects
      North Korean state-run media on Friday criticized the South Korean government for not swiftly pushing ahead with inter-Korean cooperation projects and its citing of “objective conditions” such as international sanctions and cost. Online outlet the Uriminzokkiri – widely seen as outer-track media not for domestic consumption called on the Moon administration to speed up agreements between Seoul and Pyongyang, including on inter-Korean railway and road cooperation. In an editorial, the outlet accused Seoul of making comments contrary to the nation’s expectations to “bring forward independent reunification.” “Within South Korea, inappropriate comments were made without hesitation saying it ‘can’t speed up’ [cooperation] ... read more
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    • N. Korea likely conducted 89 illicit ship-to-ship transfers in 2018: U.S. data
      North Korea likely conducted at least 89 ship-to-ship transfers to illicitly obtain refined petroleum products between January 1 and May 30, U.S. data provided to the United Nations and seen by NK News on Friday claims. Pyongyang may have illegally imported up to 1,367,628 barrels of refined petroleum as a result of the transfers, upper-end estimates suggested, some 92% more than the 500,000 barrels authorized for export to North Korea each year by current UN sanctions. Consequently, the U.S. recommended that the UN 1718 sanctions committee issue a “public note verbale to all UN Member States to inform them that ... read more
      Source: NK NewsPublished on 2018-07-13By nknews
    • The implications – and limitations – of UNICEF’s recent North Korea survey
      Eight years after the last Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS), UNICEF and the North Korean government last month released the results of the 2017 MICS. The survey is based on questionnaires, interviews, and data from 8499 households in all nine provinces, plus Pyongyang. The MICS methodology and system is designed to create data that can be used for international comparison, as well as measuring progress towards national and international goals. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), the successors to the Millenium Development Goals, address seventeen areas of human development, and are used to give international context and framework for the ... read more
      Source: NK NewsPublished on 2018-07-13By Oliver Hotham
    • Bright future: how a North Korean ship was sanctioned twice by the UN
      A non-descript, 6000-tonne freighter reappeared on international tracking systems at the start of July after a ten-month absence, headed north from the vicinity of a small port near the border between China and Vietnam. It informed the tracking systems its final destination was “open seas” before disappearing again around a week later somewhere between the Chinese coast and southern tip of the Korean peninsula. Apart from the sporadic signaling, the journey and the freighter appear unremarkable, but the Fijian-flagged cargo ship bears the unusual dishonor of being the only DPRK-related ship to be sanctioned by the UN Security Council on ... read more
      Source: NK NewsPublished on 2018-07-13
    • Trump tweets Kim Jong Un letter, says progress being made with North Korea
      U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday tweeted a letter he received from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, with the accompanying message that “great progress is being made”. The signed letter, dated July 6, was written the same day as U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrived in Pyongyang for ongoing talks with North Korean representatives. “The significant first meeting with Your Excellency and the joint statement that we signed together in Singapore 24 days ago was indeed the start of a meaningful journey,” Kim wrote in the letter, according to a translation posted by Trump. Wishing that the invariable ... read more
      Source: NK NewsPublished on 2018-07-12By Hamish Macdonald